About Us

Jus’ Good Poppin’

Family Owned & Operated

Jus’ Good Poppin’ Gourmet Popcorn & Nuts is a family owned and operated business based in Roanoke, Texas, with a gourmet popcorn kiosk located in Dallas, Texas. Our goal is to always provide a fresh, high quality product using only the finest natural ingredients, for a gourmet popcorn taste that you, your family and friends will truly love. We take pride in what we do, and it’s our joy to bring you delicious popcorn in a range of flavors that are different from others you may have tried in the past.

Our Products

Jus’ Good Poppin’ makes a wide variety of gourmet popcorn gifts and gourmet nuts, in a range of sizes and packaging options, including custom tins. Explore our flavors below — and place your order today.

Popcorn Flavors

Gourmet Nuts


We don’t pop your popcorn until you place your order. Then, we ship it the same day it’s popped, ensuring fresh, delicious flavor. We estimate our popcorn to be between 1 and 7 days fresher than most gourmet popcorn products.

All Natural Ingredients

Each can of Jus’ Good’ Poppin’ gourmet popcorn begins with fresh, all-natural ingredients like organic popcorn kernels, organic coconut oil, real cheddar cheese, caramel and nuts, and natural flavors, with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Delicious Taste

One bite, and you’ll understand why our company name is Jus’ Good Poppin.’ We focus on the best flavors, like Butter, White Cheddar Cheese, and Caramel with Nuts, and carefully test quality to make sure each batch is perfect.
Made in the USA

Every batch of Jus’ Good Poppin’ popcorn is popped in the U.S.A., at our gourmet popcorn kitchen in Roanoke, Texas.

The Perfect Gift

Our fresh popcorn tins are perfect for gift giving — and you can even add free gift-wrapping, for a beautiful presentation.

Custom Tins

Customize your order with your name, company logo or colors, for a memorable corporate gift or a unique personal gift.

About Chef Maurice

Chef Maurice, founder of Jus’ Good Poppin’, is a military veteran with over 25 years of experience in the food and hospitality industry. Maurice holds a Master of Business degree from the University of Maryland in Washington, D.C. He also earned an Executive Certification of Food Preparation from from the Department of Defense, and completed Duke University’s Executive Leadership.

Maurice served three years in the Marine Corps before beginning a career with the Department of Defense (DOD), where he served as Vice President of the Eastern Region for more than 30 years. During his service, he traveled the world, setting up food and retail operations for the DOD in international locations including Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Maurice retired from the Department of Defense in 2013, with papers personally signed by President Barack Obama.

While serving in the military and DOD, Maurice learned how to make connections with people in the armed services, and in foreign countries — and he also learned a lot about the food and hospitality industry. After his retirement, Maurice and his wife, Monica, opened Jus’ Good Poppin’ Gourmet Popcorn and Nuts in order to share their delicious gourmet popcorn with others. Their first popcorn stand opened in Irving, Texas, and later moved to Renaissance Tower in Dallas, Texas. Today, you can still find the couple selling fresh-popped popcorn at the Renaissance — and you can also order custom cans of your favorite Jus’ Good Poppin’ flavors online, here at gourmetpopcorngifts.com.

When you ask Maurice what he loves most about popcorn, he says it’s the way popcorn draws people to you. It’s hard to resist the aroma of fresh-popped popcorn that wafts through the air at Renaissance Tower. However, if you ask Maurice’s loyal customers what keeps them coming back for more, they’ll tell you it’s not just the way the popcorn tastes. It’s also the way Maurice and Monica make their customers feel. Every batch is made with joy and care — and we hope you can taste it in every bite.